Website Archiving for Compliance & Litigation

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Ever thought how your firm would handle a regulatory audit related to online data sources like webpages? Would your staff (or worse, you) be left scrambling to produce the required content?
Compliance doesn't have to be hard. Watch how below.

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Website Archiving - easy as a Google search.

Financial Services Recordkeeping Compliance


Financial services regulations demand that online data such as webpages, social media posts, mobile text messages, and enterprise collaboration conversations be captured and preserved to comply with recordkeeping requirements. This data should also be stored in a way that makes it easy to find, search, and export specific content during regulatory audits.

eDiscovery & Litigation Readiness


Website, social media, mobile text, and enterprise collaboration content is increasingly forming part of the eDiscovery and litigation process. Because of this, financial institutions need to be able to capture, preserve, and eventually present this data in a defensible format that complies with legal rules of evidence.

Monitoring and Data Loss Prevention


Website content should be archived and regularly reviewed to ensure that messaging complies with financial industry industry regulations. Similarly, social media accounts should be monitored to ensure that no non-compliant or inaccurate claims are being made to the public, and team communication tools should be monitored for data loss prevention.

Placing Content on Legal Hold


Most organizations have a retention policy in place that outlines exactly how long online data is retained before disposal. But what happens if legal teams need a record to be kept and a retention schedule overridden? How is a social media comment or website record placed on legal hold and preserved for litigation?